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Feeling Safe In An Unsafe World.  
With increasing terrorism threads and crimes expending worldwide, standard security solutions no longer guarantee your protection. The next attack or assault can happen anytime and anywhere.

Not only leaders and personalities in politics, business and entertainment are effected by these developments, but also humanitarian workers, peace keepers or press representatives, who in crisis areas fulfill their duties in medical, peace or social missions.

For such individuals security is no luxury but a necessity. Therefore they highly rate the technical perfection and the quality standard of the mobile armoring silutions of SAFEGUARD, which are individually designed to the needs of our customers-with the best cost-usage ratio.
Turnkey Security By SAFEGUARD.
Development, purchase and production as well as sales and after-sales service are at SAFEGUARED in one hand. Thus we offer a complete service arrangement for your armored vehicle. And by bunding this with our technical competence, we know each of ‘our’ vehicles in great detail. Our customers are profiting from this ability even years after the intial delivery of their vehicle.
Wherever You Are – We’re Not Far Away
In the rare occurrence that something happens to your vehicle, you can rely on the professionalism of SAFEGUARD. Each service and repair, except the armoring, is done by the respective vehicle manufacturer locally. In all other cases we co-operate internationally with competent vehicle specialists for armored vehicles.

Our stock in Germany provides immediate availability of required spare parts. In the unfortunate event that all this will not be sufficient, the SAFEGUARD service technician will be at your location within 48 hours – worldwide.
Certified security : All of our armoring materials are tested by government authorities.
Security Tailored to Your Demands.
Fire surpresent unit, heavy duty suspension, protection of tank, battery and electronics and much more: The standard specifications of SAFEGUARD armored vehicles covers numerous options, for which other manufacturers charge additionally. Besides that, we do not limit your individual requirements. Customize your SAFEGUARD armored mobility solution according to your needs, even if this has does be done on an already completed product. Beyond that, we develop and engineer solutions according to requirements up-to the production of small series.
Minimum Risk with Maximum Protection
Through our broad experience in building and marketing armored mobility solutions worldwide, it is our standard to use only certified and branded components, as well as steel and glass of highest quality: The assigned materials exceed the required standards by far.

SAFEGUARD armored mobility solutions offer thereby a maximum of security in the protection classification BR6 and BR7/FB7 in accordance with European standard eN 1063*.
..As if You Were Driving A Regular Car.
We are building our vehicles starting from the completely strapped vehicle onwards in order to adjust the vehicle to additional demands. We utilize tested and original components manufactured for the sole use in armored vehicles, which for years have been proved to be reliable under extreme conditions. That means: all protective parts are fitted in into the body. Thus you do not have to abandon the optimum driving experience in your armored vehicle from SAFEGUARD. The exterior does not differentiate from its original, which also benefits your safety.
We Make Life Safer. All Over the World.
The CAR CONSULT group, to which the SAFEGUARD Gmbh belongs, has been a symbol for quality in the global automotive business since 15 years. Beside the head office in Aschaffenbury/Germany we head independent offices and representatives in all internationally relevant regions.

Through our experience and the global orientation of our company, we know the demands when it comes to armored mobility solutions in accordance with the respective geographical area. Thus we develop and manufacture, within the shortest period and tailored to your needs. A product which corresponds to the environment you are in.

SAFEGUARD armoring solutions are based on Mercedes-Benz vehicles and other high-quality brands. Each vehicles and other high-quality brands. Each vehicle, which leaves our production, stands for product know-how and reliability-for quality " Made in Germany ".