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The proposed boiler is a 3- pass full wet back shell and tube boiler. It consists of a flue tube, which ends ups up with the reversal chamber. The flue gas turns in the reversal chamber in to the second pass tubes and ends up in the front smoke box.

The flue gas turns again the smoke box in to the third pas tubes and leave the boiler from the outlet of the third pass to the chimney. The flue tube, second and third pass tubes are fully surrounded by water and thus provide a safe heat transfer surface .
the fully wet back design minimize the radiation loss and increase the boiler efficiency. The boiler is provided with a burner suitable for firing natural gas with continuous modulation system. The burner sequence controller gives trouble free operation of the burner. One no. forced Draft fan with motor is provide for supplying combustion air to the burner.

The feed water to the boiler is supplied by electrically driven feed pumps . two nos. of feed pumps are given out of which one will be normally working and other will be standby. The normal water level is kept will above the last row of the tubs giving sufficient margin. This ensures the safety of the boiler. On-off mobrey type water level control is provided and this would control the water level between two set points. A fusible plug is provided for additional safety.
The boiler smoke box doors are of hinged construction, which can be opened very easily for clearing the tubes. The shell is provided with necessary manhole for waterside cleaning and maintenance
General Specification :
Type of boiler : 3 pass full wet back shell and tube boiler
Boiler Capacity at MCR : 25000kg/hr
Operation pressure : 1.5,14,17.5 &21 kg.sq. cm(g) as per requirement
Steam temp. at boiler outlet : saturated
Fuel : Natural gas
Boiler design code : IBR 1950 with latest amendments
Feed water pump : Two nos (suitable capacity)
FD fan : Centrifugal of suitable capacity
Water pre heater : Shell and tube
Boiler controls :
The Boiler would be provided with mobrey type water level controller for feed pump on/of operation with low water alarm. The boiler would be provided with pressure switch for high pressure alarm. If pressure exceeds the set point and also the burner will trip.

Burner sequence controller with flame sensor device, oil temperature, control, purging, ignition timer with following safety interlocks.